A Deadly Serious Matter

We have been talking how Jesus our Master gives life through the Gospels.

We have looked at a woman in need of living water and a invalid who had an enormous need for validity. Jesus gave the woman water that never  runs out and the invalid, validity. On the surface both of these encounters read as far less than what I have just written but Jesus rarely deals with anyone on a surface level. The woman was looking for life and love in all the wrong places. Remember as she is circling around talking about water Jesus draws more than water out of her, He draws the fact that she has been looking for love her whole life and it has never worked out as she has had five husbands and is currently shacking up. He now offers her the love that she has always needed and as she returns home she tells her neighbors she has spoken with a man who knows everything about her. When we know someone truly knows they are able to love us.  Now as to the invalid on the surface he is crippled but Jesus in touching him not only gives him the ability to walk but validity for his life again.

In a book like this I am not about to go through dozens of encounters in the scripture to prove my point. Get yourself a Bible as I have asked and read for yourself how the Master Jesus cares and loves you.

I have given you two incredible encounters you can find dozens more as you read the Books of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John.

From the opening page of this book to now and continuing we are dealing with a deadly serious matter. Getting the correct knowledge and truth about God. God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit.

Jesus Christ is the master of the cosmos in which you live. Like it or not that is reality. To get this wrong, to reject it is a deadly decision for you. Now religion is going to say it is deadly because you will go to hell. Let’s stop here a moment and deal with hell. You have probably laughed at the images of fire, horned beings, etc. After I get done with what I am about to say you will wish that was what hell was all about as it is far worse. A majority of people today walking the Earth, who are quite alive are experiencing hell.  How so? Because hell is a state of being not exactly a place. Everyone who is separated from God by their choice is in a living hell. They think they are not as they whistle as they work and exclaim LIFE IS GOOD! But what they say is good is all they know. What if there was more than just this life. Look at the indigenous tribes in Africa. Do they know WIFI, CABLE, 6,000 sq. ft homes, nice paying jobs, Chicago Deep Dish, Texas Swing Music, etc. Nope. But what they do know is life and life is good. Now take us with all the goodies I described above. When we die all of this distraction will be removed. All we will have left is our relationship with God. If we had no relationship with God before we died we have no relationship with God when we die, Everything is gone. If we would have had a solid relationship with the Master when we lived, experiencing His abundance of Love, Joy and Peace we continue to experience that. If all we had before we died is our relationship in pleasing self then that’s it after life and none of the goodies come with us and our self is way insufficient and that is hell.No fire, no horned beings just you and nothing. Nothing. Don’t you kinda wish for a horned buddy to talk with about now?

So you see how deadly serious rejecting God is? God does not send you anywhere, He just continues to give you the life you thought you always wanted until all the goodies are taken away as your heart stops and you assume room temperature.

What doubts remain in your mind my friend that is holding you back from a desire to live in the Master’s will now. To seek His guidance and direction, to tell Him He has the answers and you have the questions, you have the needs. To tell Him you want to walk in His Way, live in His truth and experience an abundant life of Love, Joy and Peace regardless of your circumstances.

Early in 2015 I was diagnosed with a genetic blood disorder that caused me to have iron overload in my blood which then went to my liver and  caused Cirrhosis. I was told that I was not a candidate for Phlebotomy as I was anemic as well. My doctor said my liver would continue to deteriorate if I was not able to dump the iron out of my blood. I was told that Chelation therapy was available but the drug cost $11,000 a month. During this time I would hear the Master continually telling me to trust and live. A week after I was informed of the drug I was told I would receive it at no cost. I will be taking this drug on and off the rest of my life as needed. My liver function is good and the iron is slowly leaving my body. One day about three months into this my mind began to get weary and I was unsettled as I was driving home, as it is a long process.  As I am alone in the car driving home I hear the Master say to me as clear as a bell “Behold I am with you, even to the end of the age.” I had to pull off the road to gain my composure. As I sat by the side of the road I could feel His embrace.  This is the life of living in His will and letting Him lead your life. It is a constant With-God life.

God is not a respecter of persons. He loves us all. He wants to be in community with us and to give us the life we need. If I was a person far from God in this iron deal where would I be today? I might have the medicine still and be improving but that is external stuff. The important stuff my attitude I know would be destructive to my well being. At no time early in the process would I have heard trust and live, critical to my moving forward in this situation. I would of done the far from God epitaph- WHY ME LORD? POOR ME! I’M DONE.  That’s the stuff I am talking to you about in every page of this book. There is no abundance in thinking and feeling and acting apart from God, and you have no other choice but to default to that attitude without God. You are walking dead in hell with your self and all the worldly goodies that distract you and tell you daily you do not need God. One day if you continue to choose to say I do not need God all the goodies will be gone and you will be alone with self and nothing else. A deadly serious matter!


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