A Reservoir of Love-CHANNELS


Humanity has three basic channels that a reservoir of love should flow through at all times. Individual, Family, and Community. Now for the believer who is churched this of course is the church and any subdivision of the church . For others it can be any group affiliation or tribe, including work colleagues one identifies with or belongs too.

In this edition we will look at the first channel.


The Individual channel consists of the love we show people we meet or encounter during our ordinary day,that are not family or part of an organized group or tribe we affiliate with.  The cashier at our local coffee shop, postal clerk, bank teller, etc.  

Remember the driving force of a reservoir of love for everyone is to bring civility, leaving the assault and withdrawal behind in all our relationships, putting on authenticity within an atmosphere of being fully present with all whom we encounter.

Recently I stopped at a food mart/gas station to pick up a couple bottles of water for my grandson and I as we headed out to play a little golf on a blazing hot Georgia day. As I approached the attendant to pay for the water I asked him if I could have a cup for ice. He said he had no ice machine but he would go to his stock of bags of ice he sold and open up one for me and I could take the ice from a bag that he normally sold. I was shocked. What a gracious act of love to a total stranger. I not only thanked him but told him several times that he was so very kind. He was a reservoir of love in an individual channel. 

Interfacing our anchor with this man’s actions: 

“Are you tired? Worn out? Burned out on religion? Come to me. Get away with me and you’ll recover your life. I’ll show you how to take a real rest. Walk with me and work with me—watch how I do it. Learn the unforced rhythms of grace. I won’t lay anything heavy or ill-fitting on you. Keep company with me and you’ll learn to live freely and lightly.”

The last verse: “Keep company with me and you’ll learn to live freely and lightly,” I believe was operating in this man’s life. Of course I did not have a conversation with him long enough to know who he is keeping company with but I do know the person who this verse is referring too was well pleased with his demonstration of love in the individual channel.  

Would his action had any less meaning to me if he had told me he was an atheist, a hindu, a Christian or a jedi? Absolutely not, because first and foremost he was a reservoir of love. 

The one speaking in the MESSAGE verse above is Jesus. Jesus said that by bearing much fruit, His fruit, is the test that we are His disciples and the chief fruit that brings all the others together in perfect unity is love.

I felt strongly this man keeps THE right company. I felt that this whole encounter was arranged by the Holy Spirit for me to share in this project. Nothing is a coincidence in my reality.  I thought about this man and his love and our interaction all day. Why? Because in my reality and probably yours this is a rarity to say the least. The rule is assault and withdrawal in 90% of our interactions in all the channels of life listed above. 

No matter who you believe Jesus was and is does not excuse anyone from their responsibility to be a reservoir of love. If you shrink back from this responsibility in the individual channel, which I believe to be the most strategic for societal transformation, you will live a life that is exactly the opposite, a life of weary mediocrity, absent of rest and heavily yoked. Why? Because that is the result of strife, assault and isolation from relational withdrawal. 

 Walking and resting with Jesus is the only answer to a loving, selfless life on this planet. I mean really walking and really resting in Jesus.  In all biblical honesty this does not require church attendance or responding to an altar call. It requires you’re trust and confidence in the truth of the anchor given in the MESSAGE verses and then you’re time and availability to BE with HIM in EVERYTHING of life. 

The HOW on the BEING with Him is contained in being still with Him in prayer, reading the Words He left us for guidance on filling our reservoirs with love. These Words are for EVERYONE! Don’t let RELIGION keep you from reading and acting on what you read in THE BIBLE. Unbeliever it is there to fill up your reservoir of love, and this world needs you to be a lover of all humanity more so than anything else.

CHRISTIAN, the same direction goes for you. The world needs you to be a lover of all humanity more so than anything else. 

INVITATION: Continue to meditate on our anchor verses. Begin to memorize the passage. Let’s break it down now and just begin to identify what has you worn out and tired? Note it. As you more and more get away with Him and recover your life,  begin to release a  flow of love from  your reservoir into your individual channel. Note who has been a benefactor of your reservoir and the circumstances of your experience.


Comments (link above) and discussion are critical. We need to exchange thoughts and ideas on becoming reservoirs of love.


We will be in touch again soon…..

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