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After 10 years directing a spiritual formation ministry I have stepped down from leadership but not out of the powerful direction of the Holy Spirit in all of my life.  Ministry at all levels is very tough. So much is always pushing against the Kingdom of God but the Kingdom never fails and always prevails. 

My decision to move on came after hours of solitude, listening and a release which in turn came from receiving  a new direction from the Holy Spirit. A direction based upon the banner you see above on our home page. This is from Eugene Peterson’s THE MESSAGE, Matthew 11:28-30,  and truly it is the bottom line message for you the believer or the non believer. If you truly live this you will truly live; becoming a reservoir of love.

For those of you who are new to my writing and background  let me briefly say that I am young man of 66 years who knew I was in deep weeds in May of 1980 and embraced the CROSS and LOVE of Christ that month. I have been churched ever since but only began to feel and see the love and divine power of the Trinity for the past fifteen years. This transformation came about  through embracing and living the passage above. Since that time my life with Christ went from a congregant to an APPRENTICE. An apprentice is one that comes alongside the Master to learn the skills he demonstrates so as to take on those abilities and skills. In the case of an APPRENTICE OF CHRIST, we abide by, coming alongside Him to take on His Character which is manifest through the fruit of the Spirit. 

The experiences of the past several years has allowed me to clearly see that the quicker we abandon the identity of a congregant if we are churched or the identity of a captain of our own ship if we are an unbeliever for that of an APPRENTICE the sooner we begin to understand, EVERYTHING we need to as we need to.  Now that is not the simple statement you may think it is. It is an incredible revelation of truth that leads us to have a life that is a reservoir of love.

Humanity today ( the churched, unchurched, believer, and unbeliever) stands at the tipping point of civility, with lives full of duplicity, assault and withdrawal due to empty reservoirs and a lack of knowledge and understanding on the HOW to get them filled with LOVE from GOD. 

My words posted here will always be focused on humanity becoming reservoirs of love and providing the MEANS for us to become such a people. 

This blog is for EVERYONE curious and desiring to be a reservoir of love!

EVERYONE: take a look at the verse above and meditate on it for as long as you wish. Then let’s exchange ideas on what thoughts and feelings have taken hold in you. If any invitations you have received from the Holy Spirit in regard to this verse.

Comments (link above) and discussion are critical. We need to exchange thoughts and ideas on becoming reservoirs of love.


We will be in touch again soon…..






2 thoughts on “A Reservoir of Love

  • June 15, 2014 at 1:42 pm

    I didn’t ‘go to church’ this morning. Recovering from bronchitis, I was still feeling weak, and felt as though I was running on empty. I just wanted to rest in the presence of Jesus and learn from him. Then I came across this post and read those words on the banner. At first I didn’t recognize them as the words of Jesus in Matthew 28:28-30 as they were so different from the usual “Come unto me all ye who are weary…” and it was as though they were written just for me. I feel as though I’m setting out on a new journey, and don’t even need to pack a bag! What a relief to just rest and let him lead the way.

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