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  • October 6, 2011 at 8:14 pm

    I’m having a hard time deciding where to go with my response concerning this “An Audience of One” video….
    I absolutely agree with what you are saying, but yet have a feeling that your nine minutes left so much unsaid.
    As Christians we should moment by moment be aware of God’s presence in our lives no matter what activity we are involved in. Especially, but not exclusively, when those activities involve our using the spiritual gifts God has graced us with. It should also come as no surprise that the appropriate use of spiritual gifts will produce fruit and that fruit will surely attract an audience. And in response to that fruit people will be drawn closer to the Living God. As that “audience” grows there will always be some who mistakenly credit the fruit to what we are doing instead of God’s grace and heap misguided flattery upon us. If we are honest, that misguided flattery always sounds sweet to our ears. It’s how we respond when we hear those “sweet” sounds that makes the difference whether we should move forward in “growing” the activity/ministry or move toward establishing a stronger and personal private audience with God.
    Some questions that help me get to the appropriate response come to mind:
    – Who do the people say the activity (or ministry) belongs to? Others? Me? God?……..
    – Do I funnel praise back to the Creator? Or do I bask in its seeming warmth?
    – Can the activity/ministry continue without my involvement? If not, is God really empowering it?
    – Is the activity worth continuing beyond my involvement? If so, have I trained up an apprentice to replace me when God leads me elsewhere? Will I be able to let go when that time comes?
    – Does the activity deepen my walk with the Lord or does it leave me feeling more distant from God?
    When I feel God’s presence, all it right with my world no matter how large or noisy the audience.
    When I don’t feel God’s presence, nothing is right with my world no matter how large or small the audience.
    My personal relationship with Christ has to always be priority number one. If that priority is as it should be then I can do all things….

  • October 7, 2011 at 7:52 am


    I left a ton unsaid. It’s a video my brother. Thanks for saying much of the rest!!

    I would say that I see Jesus pretty clearly saying FRUIT is produced only by ABIDING.
    John 15:1-8.

    Now to be fair and balanced when we use our GIFTS we are demonstrating our FRUIT that was produced by ABIDING.

    Thanks for really digging in!!



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