Candle of the Lord

Have you ever looked upon the Spirit of the Living God within you as “The Candle of The Lord?” We often light a candle before spiritual direction sessions, retreats and Deep Red studies to symbolize His presence among us. This imaginery Dallas Willard uses in Hearing God is very meaningful for the reality of what we have in us as apprentices of Christ. To me it communicates guidance and direction as well.

One thought on “Candle of the Lord

  • June 11, 2009 at 11:53 am

    I have seen candles used as a visible reminder and I’ve seen incense burned as a visible demonstration of laying my sins at the altar. These types of things can be very big triggers for moving from simple “head-space” to “heart-space.” There are times when it is necessary to embrace Christ from the deeper places of our soul – out of our heads, deeper than emotions, the core of our being. My best worship comes from that place.

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