Just read the review below.  Book is on order. Sounds like Horton is sounding the trumpet. Last weekend saw three guys  in a lounge in St. Louis engaged in a intense discussion with this book sitting on the their table.

If you have read this book let’s talk.



  • August 25, 2009 at 4:36 am

    I have not read this book, but it does sound truly interesting. Sadly, nothing in the review surprised me or seemed foreign to my experience. Is anything else to be expected in a society that is increasingly materialist and individualist? God Himself becomes a means-to-an-end, rather than an end in itself. Can anything be done to reverse this trend or even buck it oneself without feeling completely marginalized and rejected in one’s own society? That is my struggle on a daily basis.

    Remain blessed all who read this!

  • August 28, 2009 at 9:10 am

    I also have not read the book, but did read a few of the reviews. The 2 churches that I’ve attended during the last 9 years are very Christ focused. Consequently, I can only comment on what I have seen and read regarding certain evangelists. Horton mentions Joel Osteen’s ministry. I’ve always thought his ministry to be more of a motivational business. He should probably lose his tax exemption. From what I have seen of Osteen, he rarely mentions Christ’s name during his presentations. His main focus seems to be on using God in order to achieve self satisfaction in life. Basically, God is there for us and can bring us happiness in this life. What is really sad, is how many people are being mislead in their relationship with Christ. Osteen’s ministry is only one of many that follow this same path. They turn the human relationship with God around to conform to human desires. “That God exists for Himself and man for the glory of God is the emphatic teaching of the Bible. The high honor of God is first in heaven as it must yet be in earth.” AW Tozer


  • September 21, 2009 at 4:38 pm

    Satan has found a great weapon – redirect from Christ to feeling good. He’s been using it for Centuries. But our society has developed it into an art form: Consumer Humanism that only cares for self-pleasure to the exclusion of all other pursuits. Now we have that “doctrine” being preached from the pulpit – name it/claim it, health/wealth gospel, prosperity gospel, etc. It takes the powerful message of the Cross, deletes Christ, and adds a genie who will grant wishes!

    Did Christ suffer and die for me to get a Ferrari? NO! He suffered, died, and rose again for me to bring honor and glory to the Father and to enjoy Him forever!

    The message of Christianity is not I, but Christ! Die to self to LIVE in Christ!

    It’s frustrating to see the Good News corrupted and watered down. Every Christian has the duty and responsibility to teach, correct, and to preach sound doctrine! Every Christian should be able to defend the Gospel. That requires diligent study of Scripture and a connectedness with the Holy Spirit – communion with the Holy God! Maybe Communion means more than a cracker and shot glass of juice??


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