Christlike Transformation and the Vision Vaccum

Where there is no vision, the people perish;
Proverbs 29:18a KJV
Years ago when I was clueless in High School I took German for four years. I
never made a grade be!er than C and spoke nothing well. Then twenty four
years later I became an empty nester I began to get a double vision one to see
the world and two to navigate well in that world with learning some basic
conversational language. My wife and I first focused in on Germany since she had
family in Koln. We traveled Germany or had our German family visit us from
1990 to 2003 most every year. It is during that period that I began to pursue my
second vision to learn conversational German. Amazingly a language that I
struggled to learn 50 words of in high school I became conversationally decent
at in a matter of two years. Why? I had a purposeful vision that caused me to be
intentional in pursuing a means to learn German. If I had not saw a purposeful
vision in learning German my times in Germany would have been far less
enjoyable and quite dependent on my German family to move me around
This is the process for Spiritual Transformation to Christlikeness or as we like to
say at RM, becoming an Apprentice of Christ. Dallas Willard wrote about this
extensively in Spiritual Change, Chapter 5 of his book “Renovation of the Heart.”
Conversely it also is the very reason so few of us spiritually changes. We are in a
pervasive vision vacuum when it comes to understanding the benefits and the
means of being transformed to Christlikeness. We live in a life sapping void of
faith based resources that do not help us understand why we should want more
NOW. Why do we continue to wait for “abundant life” in Heaven? Will we
really be prepared for Heaven? How can I live an “abundant life” today?

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