Merry Christmas everyone from the board and staff (me) at Renovator Ministries!

We are so pleased so many of you were encouraged by our video on ACTION & CONTEMPLATION during this season.

Now its time to focus on another aspect of CHRISTMAS:THE FOOD!

Webster defines FOOD as: Nutritive material taken into an organism for GROWTH, WORK, OR REPAIR and for maintaining the vital processes.

This week as I moved from Luke to John I was finishing up John 4 the familiar story of Jesus and the Samaritan woman when I came to verse 34  “My food,” said Jesus “is to do the will of Him who sent me and to finish His work.”

How many times have we read John 4 only to concentrate on the endless living water Jesus offers and what true worship is and Jesus’ love for the outcast running past this incredible truth on the posture and focus of an Apprentice of Christ?

Taking Webster and Jesus together what sustained Jesus was doing the Fathers work in the midst of His will.

The question this Christmas and beyond is: Is doing the Fathers work in the midst of His will what sustains you?

Working with Webster and Jesus there is so much more here for us.

Webster defines food as a material that facilitates GROWTH, WORK and REPAIR. If our food is such as Jesus’ food we reap these benefits.

When we operate in the Kingdom the effective range of God’s will we GROW and we experience REPAIR of vital processes that aid in our transformation, such as a renewed mind, heart and soul (repaired). We experience the divine power to do the WORK he gives us.

But how many of us think in terms of our FOOD being in His WILL and doing HIS work? Jesus ‘words here are breathtaking in light of where FOOD has evolved since they were first spoken. May I suggest He knew the power of FOOD and how it would be viewed with increased adoration to a degree even more than even Webster defined it.

Friends let’s drill down a bit here!  We are spiritual beings, we will always exist as such here and in eternity. What we need to LIVE is FOOD for our core, our spirit and what Jesus is telling us here is that real FOOD is being in HIS will and doing HIS work-period!

As to our natural decaying tent it requires nutrients of this world to solely exist for a season in this world. If we focus only on that as what FOOD is we are the living dead here and in eternity, dead because we are spiritual beings and as such we are not feeding our spirits with the FOOD they require. The living dead sadly are the majority in the church and in the street. We see it, we experience it and become apathetic to it.

Though the living dead are a majority there is good news friends. One mind, one heart, one soul at a time all over the USA are beginning to awaken and become restorers first for themselves (you know you put the oxygen mask on you first then your child) then when healthy again for others they bring the truth of the power of FOOD as defined by Jesus in John 4:34.  They work solely from the midst of God’s will, working where God is and as restores of the reputation of Christ.

If you have read our many blogs you know Spiritual restoration is done best in community. The reason an apprentice of Christ is intentional in his/her pursuits is not be more holy, more anointed but to take that divine power one receives from the FOOD Jesus speaks of to make a difference in this world.

These apprentices of Christ see the world in and out of church as it currently is and will not accept it.  They know how things “ought” to be and strive for them to once again be restored.  They are touching the marginalized, the poor, the widowed with the power of the FOOD of Christ. They are invading all aspects of the culture bringing the FOOD of Christ.

May I ask you this CHRISTMAS season to seriously STOP for as long as it takes to get it right and ask the HOLY SPIRIT if you are one of the living dead? Is it not time to really EAT to a degree that you never are hungry again,  then to teach others how to EAT in such a way that leads to a life of abundant LOVE, JOY and INNER PEACE .

How long do we have before it will be too late to go to Jesus’ buffet table?

Time to FEAST my friend on good CHRISTMAS FOOD!


One thought on “CHRISTMAS FOOD

  • January 2, 2011 at 10:02 pm

    Great words George as so lead by your studies, His wisdom and Spirit. With edible food, if we do not eat enough or not eat properly, it leads to tiredness, low self-esteem, and sickness. Similarly within the Spiritual dimension; when you do not consistently feed your soul with Spiritual (Biblical) study and fellowship, you significantly increase the risk of depression, relational conflict, hopelessness, and rebellion. Be proactive vs. reactive. And Spiritual food is great fuel for battling spiritual attacks from the evil-one. I challenge readers, the next time dark clouds surround them, and anger seems to rule; force a time-out, step away from those you are angry towards; if alone, then grab a bible and/or pray to God to release you from your anger, soften your heart and be open to the wisdom and direction God may be leading you to. Please note, this will be very hard to do, since it is not a natural human ability. But your regret factors will significantly decrease. It would also be wise to use Spiritual Food towards ensuring that each day, you are on the path of His Will; seek daily wisdom and discernment. Blessings will follow.


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