DONE’S And The Possibilities of Neighborhood Missional Activity








I have been  reflecting on a group of people in our culture today called DONE’S. What are they done with? CHURCH.

One study found what they were looking for and what they actually found was quite different.

Loving Community… but instead they got Judgement

Transformative Activity… but instead they got Bureaucracy

True Conversation… but instead they got One-Sided Doctrinal Monologue

Meaningful Ministry About things That Matter… but instead they got Shallow Moral Prescription

Then I began to think about the effect neighborhood missional work could have on this group.

I looked at what I have been involved in the past two years in my neighborhood mission here in the Nashville area and clearly saw that from the array of social activities  we provide to the men’s and women’s Bible studies to the quarterly men’s breakfast to the prayer ministry and the ongoing everyday attending to the many individual needs of our neighbors we are providing what the DONE’S are looking for.


And we are doing this in a way that is uncomplicated and unforced, organic to the core.

There is nothing uncomplicated, unforced and organic about JUDGEMENT, BUREAUCRACY, ONE SIDED DOCTRINAL MONOLOGUES, and SHALLOW MORAL PRESCRIPTION.

Our efforts flow from walking and working with Christ in His pattern of unforced rhythms of grace resulting in ministry that lives freely and lightly within our community among a very large population of DONE’S.

In these many blogs on neighborhood ministry I have been clear that this work is a a command from Jesus as found in Matthew 22:39. If this fact sadly has not caused you to move into your neighbors lives ,which astounds me in itself ,can you not see the harvest to be gleamed in respect to the multitudes of DONE’S that fill our neighborhoods across America today?

Are we going to let these people who are precious in God’s sight grow more distant from Christ and the abundance He provides or will be be obedient to His command to care for and love our neighbor.

For the most part the majority of these people will never darken the door of a church again they are truly DONE. This realization does not mean though that they do not hunger for what you can bring them: LOVING COMMUNITY, TRANSFORMATIVE ACTIVITY, TRUE CONVERSATION, and MEANINGFUL MINISTRY ABOUT THINGS THAT MATTER. 

Bring it to them, it’s not complicated it’s as simple as walking next door or across the street or to the next block over.

They may be done with church but they are not done with the search for a meaningful life in CHRIST. They are waiting trust me THEY ARE WAITING!

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