Expanding Your Neighborhood Church




So as we discussed last time the neighboring church was launched with a weekly night of fellowship and study driven by an active social media network.

For the first six months we would close in prayer with basically the request from the men within the group. Shortly after that time I got a clear leading to launch a neighborhood prayer request post every week. This immediately took off with several heartfelt request every week. We see this request line as the first level of care for our community. We cannot face to face talk with everyone weekly and surmise their needs but we could reach just about everyone through social media. Now eighteen months later the gratitude through posts and PM’s we have received is humbling.

About this same time we launched a quarterly men’s breakfast at the neighborhood clubhouse. At this breakfast we wanted to provide fresh cooked food and a program that would speak life into the men of our community. Every breakfast has been well attended and the quality of transparent discussion around each breakfast topic has been over the top. ¬†It has been the leadership’s observation that the quality of the engagement of the men within our community has been something none of us has ever experienced within a church setting. The quarterly breakfast thus far has been the highlight of relationship building that we as neighborhood missional workers have so much desired to see develop in our midst.

Two months ago the Lord gave me a way to further assimilate the men of our neighborhood in community as I began a welcoming ministry. Basically I make up a welcoming packet consisting of all the neighborhood activities, information on our neighborhood crime watch and social meeting pages along with a gift card and information on the next activities for the men.

A month ago we launched NEXT STEPS. A Saturday morning study for men seeking an understanding of Jesus and His Word. We have averaged 4 to 5 guys a week which is a perfect number that facilitates everyone being able to participate.

In addition to all this we have a monthly night out dinner groups consisting of 4 to 5 couples, a book club, bunco, chili cook offs, craft fairs, yard sales, trivia night, cooking classes, vendor fairs, swim parties, and golf outings. It is rich indeed and it’s all ORGANIC.

ORGANIC, yes my next topic that I see as the crux of a successful neighborhood church.

So again I say again as a believer all of this activity is NOT an option your are commanded to LOVE YOUR NEIGHBOR.

“AND THE SECOND IS LIKE IT: “you shall love your neighbor as yourself.” ¬†Matthew 22:39

Let’s get to it…..

Wishing to having a personal discussion with me about this: georgea@renovatorministries. org



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