“The Kingdom of God is near”- Mark 1:15

Are you concerned about your own spiritual formation?  Are you committed to a Christ-like life, a vision of living in His kingdom?  Then this is the place we must start!  As we think of God’s kingdom we immediately go to a place in the future (heaven), which is true, but also to fully grasp the vision of living a Christ like life we have to live in the here and now. When we consider God’s kingdom as an attitude or a choice for living we experience it in the present. That is why we pray “Thy Kingdom come, thy will be done on Earth (a choice for now) as it is in Heaven (a place for our future). The vision that underlies spiritual formation to a Christ like life is the vision of life today and forever experiencing His Kingdom. A life that partakes in a new birth from above while participating by our actions in His will in our life here on Earth.


As I mentioned last week, the vision that drove me to want to be intentional about learning German was the opportunity to more fully enjoy my travels with my German relatives.


The vision that began guiding me in the past to be an Apprentice of Christ continues to draw me to the realization of a life full of spiritual fruit driven by an abundance of love, joy and peace.


This vision did not come to me naturally!  It is a vision that was given to me by God through His amazing grace, that the availability of a Kingdom life is available to all who will seek it.


What would a life lived in God’s will (His Kingdom) look like?  Here are a few thoughts or outcomes. This list is far from inclusive. Feel free to add to it in the comment section.


  • Abhorring what is evil.
  • Clinging to what is good.
  • Being devoted to one another in family-like love.
  • Outdoing one another in giving honor.
  • Serving the Lord with ardent spirit and all diligence.
  • Rejoicing in hope.
  • Being patient in troubles.
  • Being devoted constantly to prayer.
  • Contributing to the needs of the saints.
  • Pursuing hospitality.
  • Blessing persecutors and not cursing them.
  • Being joyful with those who are rejoicing and being sorrowful with those in sorrow.
  • Living in harmony with each other.
  • Not being haughty, but fitting right in with the “lowly” in human terms.
  • Not seeing yourself as wise.
  • Never repaying evil for evil.
  • Having due regard for what everyone takes to be right.
  • Being at peace with everyone, so far as it depends on you.
  • Never taking revenge, but leaving that to whatever God may decide.
  • Providing for needy enemies.
  • Not being overwhelmed by evil, but overcoming evil with good.

Are you committed to a Christ-like life and have a vision for living in His Kingdom?

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