Hate What is Evil

“Hate what is evil”

Morris in his commentary on Romans rightly states, “True loves involves a deep hatred for all that is evil,
for evil can never benefit the beloved.”
This is something we should have learned in the Garden of Eden. But instead, we have let evil permeate
our lives, homes, churches and our culture. We have done this by becoming immune from seeing the
damage it does to all who come in contact. Then when as Christians we decide to confront evil we do it
on a massive scale not using Jesus’ ways but the worlds. We protest, call names, and even ban people
from heaven but we never stop and see we are just spreading more anger and evil into an over taxed
So, how do we biblically “hate evil” with the passionate plea that Paul gives us and still imitate how Jesus
treated those he came across.
Since the source of all evil is anger we need to understand how what we believe, our narrative, fuel our
anger into evil. The false narratives that lead to destructive anger are a belief that we are alone and
therefore we must be in control all of the time. When the true narrative is that we are never alone, Jesus
is always with us and He is in control. His very presence frees us to Love with a sincere and authentic
Having then been freed from the evil rooted in our anger we are filled with a pervasive sense of life in
the Kingdom now! We are freed from the need to be fearful and prideful in all we think, say and do for
we know we are never alone and the God of the Universe IS in control. Conversely if we never see this
vision of life in the Kingdom we will inescapably continue to be driven to anger.
Are you catching the vision of life in the Kingdom in regard to evil?

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