Is Summer Over Yet?

“Never be lacking in zeal, but keep your spiritual fervor, serving the Lord.” Romans 12:11

Is summer over yet?

Since Memorial Day weekend, my life has been full of pain, stress and worry.  All coming at breakneck speed.  My father passed away the June 1st and two days later we found out my son will need a third heart transplant.  My son, was riding with my wife and his brothers on the way to the burial and he received a call from the transplant coordinator 4 hours away wanting him to come to the hospital because he had told them about chest pains happening the last couple of days.  Immediately after the burial service, we drove to the hospital and spent three days which allowed him to finish the transplant workup.  After the July 4th weekend we will move him 4 hours away, where he will wait for an organ to be transplanted.  The wait may be a month, 6 months, 12 months or more.

Are you worn out reading it?  I am worn out living it!

Yet in this verse we are exhorted to, “never be lacking in zeal” and to “keep your spiritual fervor” all while you serve the Lord.

As I pondered this verse I had to ask myself, how?  How when I am tired, scared, and mourning can I live with zeal and fervor?

I found that in my relationship with the God, I can do nothing less.  My zeal has given me the desire and compassion to minister to those going through these trials of life and do not have a relationship to hold on to.  As I sat in the hospital with my son, doors would open up so I could tell of God’s grace and love the nurses and doctors who were working with him.

New life was breathed in my zeal and fervor because people need to know, my father lives because Christ lives.  Death does not have the last say—God conquered death.

In order to find this zeal my eyes had to turn from what is happening in and around me to the head of the church, Christ himself.  As I focused my attention to my relationship with Him, I realized I am not going through this alone.  I am going through it with Him as an immersed member of His Body (the church).  The Body of Christ is called to minister, heal, and support the other members of the body.

How did I renew my commitment to immersing myself in His love and His body when I was tempted to crawl into a hole?  I jumped into His word and prayer.  By reading the gospels and meditating on His love and presence in my life, my spirit was rekindled and zeal renewed.  I want to tell people about Jesus’ presence in my life and how we are going through this together.

Another thing that has been imperative to my renewal, I stopped giving Sunday School answers to tough questions.   How many times have we described our lives as “fine”.  My life is not “fine”, my son is not “fine”.  We are hurting and scared.  By admitting that to others in the Body of Christ, I allowed them to minister and support me and my family.  I have found they pray, call me, write notes and are a sense of encouragement during a really dark time.

So, I my zeal by renewed by my relationships: first with Jesus and then with His Body.  So, I can minister to others going through the same struggles.

How is your zeal and fervor in serving the Lord?  Let us know in the comments below.

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