When it is all sorted out “a long obedience in the same direction” boils down to a uncomplicated relationship as an apprentice to the Master Jesus.

It is a relationship that develops slowly, imaginatively and prayerfully within the scriptureprayer (not a typo) paradigm we talked about last time.

Let’s first look at slowly.

In my book “Grace Is Not Opposed to Effort” available at,  I deal with this in the Scripture Meditation chapter as I recalled my early years in a mega church that had two services a week.  Each service having a separate series with distinct scripture in each. I retold the frustration and futility of the scripture being taught having any transformative effect as in just three days new scripture in the other series would be rolled out. It truly became crazy for me and I withdrew from church assembly about that time to really get serious about scripture impacting my life. I began to learn to read scripture slowly, meditating on what it meant for my life now and how I could apply it transformatively. In Grace I tell of the time that God taught me on INTEGRITY as I sat with Him and the Word for an extended period of time. I rolled around Psalm 25:21 for several hours “MAY INTEGRITY AND UPRIGHTNESS PROTECT ME, BECAUSE MY HOPE IS IN YOU.” I then looked for another Psalm dealing with integrity and found 41:12 “IN MY INTEGRITY YOU UPHOLD ME AND SET ME IN YOUR PRESENCE FOREVER.” After slowly working these two verses for some six hours The Holy Spirit made it clear to me that His protection is given to me in His presence which is a function of a life of integrity.

By slowly within the scriptureprayer relational paradigm I listened for God’s Word, I reflected on God’s words for me, in this case PROTECTION and PRESENCE, and in the same context rehearsed God’s  deeds. I reviewed my integrity issues that left me vulnerable repented and moved forward in obedience. TRANSFORMATION!

This process is the heart of the uncomplicated relationship we must have as an apprentice with the Master Jesus!

Are you willing to give it a try friend?







2 thoughts on “IT’S a RELATIONSHIP and IT’S NOT COMPLICATED Part 1

  • March 5, 2017 at 5:59 am

    I agree with you. I remember in the past reading the Bible fast got to the point of just reading it, just to read it, not to learn from it. I now try to meditate on the word a lot more and try to understand how to apply it to my life today. It is amazing how God will open up scriptures into my life that never had meaning to me before when I allow Him to do so. Thanks for sharing.

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