It’s a Relationship and It’s Not Complicated part 3


Being an apprentice of Christ also described as “a long obedience in the same direction” involves a daily constant time with the Trinity in the Word and prayer. We call it scriptureprayer. (not a typo)

Previously we have described two of the four elements necessary to hear God well and to live abundantly. A reading of the Word slowly with an intent to bring it in to the present reality of your life.

We now look at the third element PRAYERFULLY. The Bible is not primarily an information book it is the way God SPEAKS to us. It is God’s voice. In that voice we receive His invitation, His promise, His blessing, His confronting, His commanding, His healing. It is the way He speaks life into us. At first look you would say what is prayerful about this? To which I say everything about this is prayerful.  We miss the point here so often because of a misconception about prayer. Prayer is at it’s basic form the way we communicate with God  and effective communication is expressive and receptive. When we open God’s Word for the true purpose for which we have it we are expressing without words God you know the reality of my life I seek you today and as we read we receive God’s answer back.  We do so only if we truly are intent on slowly reading and allowing God to finger the current reality of our lives.  You could almost formulate the spiritual equation: reading the Word slowly + imaginatively (bringing it into the reality of our lives= prayerfully.

Now take this necessary truth into the reality of  the everyday life of too many who take the name of Jesus that believe they have too little time to open God’s Word daily resulting in too little of a life.

I could in my zeal write here: THIS HAS TO CHANGE, for that truly is my heart. But it’s not our job to change the world our job is to continually allow Christ to transform your heart everyday through scriptureprayer.  Our job is touch one heart at a time with the truth and love of Christ and His desire for us to have this kind of relationship with Him. The truth is that Christ does not want one of His children to live in mediocrity but to have what He offers; a full plate of good fruit as described in Galatians 5:22-23.

Is it not time for the most important relationship you can have to really begin?

It’s not complicated!

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