Once we understand that “life” is driven by our knowing and abiding in the Trinitarian presence of God we begin to stop pursuing the obvious good things of life for the best things of life: KNOWING the FATHER SON & SPIRIT.

But in that pursuit we suddenly see and find that the things that we perceived as good in life have less value than before for nothing can compare with what we have as an active APPRENTICE of Christ. But as He wills; many of the things we perceive as good in life begin to become a part of our experience as well without us striving to achieve them, they are a natural outflow of His will for us.

More importantly we see that we have found the path to GODLINESS through His divine power. Many if not all the things we see Jesus talk about in the Sermon on the Mount begin to flow in our lives effortlessly through a transformed mind and heart. There is effort but the effort is not in trying for example to turn the other cheek but in abiding with Christ through the Spiritual Disciplines. That is why Jesus said our righteousness must exceed that of the Scribes and Pharisees. Their righteousness was all manufactured for presentation at the proper time with no inside change. To exceed that we must have a heart and mind transformed by Christ through abiding with Him. When the heart and mind are fixed on Christ godliness flows throughout our lives.

Quickly let’s look at the topics of the Sermon on the Mount. It begins with the Beatitudes. Who is truly blessed? Jesus then begins to address the following topics:
ANGER, ADULTERY, DIVORCE, SWEARING AN OATH, REVENGE, LOVING ENEMIES, GIVING, PRAYER, FASTING, MATERIALISM, ANXIETY, JUDGING OTHERS, DESIRES WE HAVE FOR OTHERS AND THE WAY WE CAN SEE THAT REALIZED. All of these issues we can suck up for a one night stand possibly like a good Pharisee but to have them be your life, your not thinking default response, you must KNOW and ABIDE in the Trinity. THERE IS NO OTHER WAY FORWARD!

Now do you see and understand why there is so much abuse of others, adultery, divorce, careless talking, revenge, greed, lack of communication with God, inability to abstain from desires, excessive purchases, worry, judging, and nagging others to change within the Body of Christ? DO YOU?

1. Because the sheep are not consistently and routinely in a forthright and loving manner taught how to and given the opportunities to experience KNOWING and ABIDING in Christ. The issue lies squarely at the feet of those shepherding the flocks. It is a short term feel good message that rules our pulpits today so it is seen as not useful to the agenda of the organized church. How short sided can an organization be? I will have much more to say about this in our next level series on Knowing Christ Today.

2. In those very few churches that have a dedicated agenda to truly help people be an apprentice of Christ few will do the work necessary for an apprentice and gain the benefit of a life abundant and full of godliness as exhibited by the flow of the fruit of the Holy Spirit in their lives.

So what are you going to do with this truth that Jesus taught in Matthew 5-7? Clearly He has showed us how we are to live and clearly so many of us wonder years later who have asked Jesus to come into our lives why we are still struggling with the issues He presented in the text. Again let me remind you, Jesus is not going to ask us to do something that He will not give us the ability to do. Remember 2 Peter 1:3 by His divine power He has given us everything we need for life and godliness.

Would you like your church to begin getting serious about these issues? Have you had enough of feeling good for 30 min a week and miserable the rest of the week? Let’s talk by email or through a comment on this blog. There is a way forward in Christ.


  • July 17, 2010 at 6:44 am

    Your latest entry provides an invitation to an understanding of Christ’s message for those who seek Him on Sundays in the pews of “organized” churches, but never fill that undefined void in their hearts that leaves their spirit wandering and wondering. Your ministry offers them hope. I pray that you swim in inquiries and that you are God’s vessel of Truth.


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