Let’s Think About Living

The impetus for the boldness and the exclusivity you have read so far is that our very lives depends on all of us getting this right.

Getting it right, that our Reservoir’s of Love, our souls can only be healthy if we understand the basis for soul care being thoughts and feelings and actions that align with the reality and teachings of the narrative that Jesus gives us through His Word and His daily voice in our lives through the Holy Spirit.

Let’s look at it another way. Our liver’s are crucial to us physically. If our liver goes south due to what we put through it, that is not healthy as we assume room temperature in a relatively short amount of time. Death as we know has nothing to do with life.

Now I look at our souls as our spiritual liver. What we think, feel and do affects and must pass through our soul. If the stuff we are thinking, feeling and doing are not healthy to our soul it  becomes ruined and a ruined soul leads to spiritual and emotional death. Essentially we are dead humanity walking.

That is why any choices that do not involve the mind of Christ and His teachings clearly indicate one is not thinking about living. I can say this from experience. Remember earlier I spoke of all the choices I made to follow teachers and influencers that led to me being quite dead spiritually and emotionally. If not take a look at some of the earlier posts.

Most processes in life have a life giving successful procedure to follow and if not followed there are no positive results. Abundant life a life full of internal love, joy and peace has a process, a procedure, and if not followed results in a life devoid of the three necessary fruits for life-LOVE, JOY and PEACE flowing from a healthy interior life.

That is why I have talked extensively about a life where the study of God’s Word and communication with Him on a routine basis is essential for all humanity. That is why I have be so strong in telling the skeptic that you are killing yourself by avoiding the Word of God because you believe it is a religious activity when it is THE life giving activity. That is why I have told the skeptic to begin conversing with God and listening in prayer because prayer is not a religious activity it is the language of the street and life giving. That is why I have pleaded with the skeptic to tune out the influences of the culture and any master or teacher they subscribe too that is not the Master Jesus because their teachings can  only lead to a life that is mediocre at best and a life that is mediocre  is indicative of a ruined soul. Healthy souls are not in humanity of mediocre lives.

Earlier we looked at a book in the Bible  entitled Psalms and we focused on the 119th chapter for a few verses to show the benefits of understanding and living God’s Word. As we go forward in this section on living we will unpack what the men who hung with the Master for three years wrote about in respect to how He gave life to them sometimes in their words inspired by God but mostly directly from  the Masters words.

If you wish to prepare go get yourself a Bible today or download one and begin reading in the book they call John. Just read it, think about it. It’s ok to be skeptical but above all DO NOT THINK WHAT YOU ARE READING IS RELIGIOUS you will delude yourself my friend!  Most importantly think about how what you are reading can give you life. If you want to really be adventurous ask God to show you what you have just read can give you life- MORE LOVE, JOY and PEACE. Then be still for a time and listen you will gradually begin to learn how to hear God. The most important aspect in hearing God is to BE STILL for a time. Having trouble being still is symptomatic of a unhealthy soul so just learning to increase your time in being still begins to aid in soul recovery.

I pray many blessings on this initiative my friend, your life really does depend on it.

See you in John soon.







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