Neighboring: Bringing the Kingdom To Where You Live.



Within the church everyday we hear in our assemblies  about mission trips going and coming within our nation or the world spreading the love of Christ but rarely do we hear of being on mission right on our street or within the community development where we live. Why is that? I believe one very subtle reason is a week on mission and we can leave it all behind. I think to some degree we have figured out being on mission in our neighborhood never ends. It never ends because it’s NOT a PROGRAM, its a process, a daily, weekly,monthly process. OH! I’m tired already.

It is this very endeavor for the past two years I have undertaken by a direct call from the Master Jesus, and I’m not tired, I’m energized. What a ride!!

For the next few offerings I am going to give you a template to begin to be ON MISSION right where you live.

How did this all begin? First with clear direction from the Lord.

I had just moved from Georgia to a little town a few miles east of Nashville, TN. After having been quite involved in ministry in our church in Georgia my wife and I found ourselves without a church.  We began looking for a permanent home with very little success. After about six months and much prayer, one day the Lord said to me “blossom where you are planted.” I was not quite sure what He meant so I kept listening and asking for clarity. In time I quickly came to understand planted meant where I choose to buy a house and live- my neighborhood. I was quite challenged by this revelation. I asked for more information and was told to start a men’s Wed night night small group in my neighborhood. But Lord no no one knows me, who will come? As is the case with a clear leading He would not relent.  But Lord, how do I get the word out? Then it came to me to use our neighborhood FB page which I had come to see was VERY active. So I posted and they came. Five guys the first night! Now two years later we still average 3-5 guys a night at my place.  We have decided once we get to six consistently we would open a new house.

Many other activities have been spun off from this first endeavor which I will unpack in a few days.

Here is the takeaway from this first box in the template:  Start a small activity: Small Group, book club, prayer group, etc.  Use social media to market it.  Be consistent in coming together. Use this group as a catalyst for other activities. Form a Social Committee for larger activities.

Remember you have been commanded to LOVE YOUR NEIGHBOR  (Matthew 22: 39)

Wishing to having a personal discussion with me about this: georgea@renovatorministries. org

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