No One Can Live Without Truth

As we begin to conclude our appeal to the skeptics in our culture let me stress that this undertaking only has and has had one goal:

Aiding you in removing doubts that hinder your full participation in living with Jesus as your as Master and Teacher in the Kingdom of God as an apprentice of Christ.

Many of us our hiding from God when we should be hidden by God. When we hide from God we refuse to investigate and obtain knowledge of Him. We stay in a position that Christianity, following Christ as Master and Teacher, is just a superstitious behavior. We look at it as a religious activity something originated by man and acted out in the “church” which is to those hiding from God just a building.

When we are hidden by God we know Christ because we have not let faith alone, church, superstition, religion get in the way of our pursuit of a intimate, and constant relationship with Him as Master and Teacher. When we are hidden by God we know the “church” to be anything but a building. The only activity we care to act out is to “abide” to be with Him in all we say, think and do wherever we are and whatever we are doing. We know we are safe, we are hidden by God in His Kingdom right here, right now.

When we hide from God we cannot and do not know truth. No one can live without truth. Jesus is the truth. Jesus is not the truth because religion says so or a local pastor says so. We come to know Jesus as the truth ONLY by knowledge of Him in our lives. We ascertain knowledge of Him in our lives by intentional behaviors such as study, scriptural meditation, and prayer. These avenues for knowledge have nothing to do with religion or a church building. They have everything to do with YOUR intention to know.

Those hiding from God pursue devastating confederate avenues to truth that all end in death to our soul. Our soul being the way we think, feel, act, relate to others and use our body. Those hiding from God engage in destructive thoughts and feelings heavily bent on a preoccupation with self that they act out in society. Actions such as lust, lies, murder, stealing, rage, slander,malice and inability to forgive grievances just to name a few.  In thinking about the life of those hiding from God why would there not be a preoccupation with self. Their false narrative says you are all alone, stand up and protect yourself no one else will. Their life is a constant state of control and manipulation out of fear.

If we are in full pursuit of knowing God and His Kingdom, His Will for our life now, we live a life that is hidden in God. We know we are always in the safest place on Earth. Nothing can harm us not even death.  (Remember our Master and  Teacher left this Earth as the risen Lord and Savior so that all those who believe and intentionally follow Him will never die.) Our narratives that drive our behavior is that Jesus is Trustworthy, He is Good, He is Love, He is Generous, He is Transforming. Therefore we can live like Him full of humility, grace, compassion, love, joy and peace regardless of circumstances. We live like this because we have personal knowledge of Jesus. We know His truth.

Friend we could go to a church building and engage religion our entire lives and never live a life hidden by God. The life I have and the life I am talking about is so far removed from religion, as far as the East is from the West, than what you as a skeptic have come to believe. This life hidden by God is only available through knowledge and knowledge is only possible through intentional activities outlined above and throughout this book.

The good news is you do not have to leave your home or your office even to begin to pursue knowing Christ as Master and Teacher. I stress again being mistaken about real life,the knowledge of God and the human soul is a deadly serious matter.

Do you remember the story of the inattentive and unwitting frog who was placed in a beaker of cold water? The beaker was placed over a Bunsen burner so that the temperature slowly raised until, the frog unaware of his slow demise, was boiled alive.

What was that frog thinking? Clearly, it was not paying attention to the warning signs. In my experience many people approach life in much the same way. Often the people closest to us know we are living a life full of destructive thoughts and feelings long before we become aware of its presence. How can that be? Hiding from God betrays itself in subtle ways until these thoughts and feelings explode into actions that lead to a host of unpleasant consequences to our bodies, our relationships and ultimately our soul. We literally become boiled alive inside trying to survive day by day with a ruined soul.

Friend when we hide from God the burner in our mind and heart is on and ever so slowly is raised and we stay unaware of our demise until for most of us our physical deaths. Then we die in a state hidden from God and that is how we remain for eternity. Like I said before no fire, no horned beasts, NOTHING but your life continuing to be hidden from God.YOU will call this HELL!

I again suggest you throw off all these preconceived false narratives given to you by religion and people who call themselves Christians that you abhor and pursue the knowledge of Christ through intentional activities such as study, scripture meditation and prayer which is a two way communication with God.  Pursue Christ  right where you are, right now.

No one can live without TRUTH!



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