Noise, Everywhere, Noise

Is your life this noisy?
Is your life this noisy?

Did you catch the blog we posted on our FB page from this guy named Miguel and his mission trip to the USA? In case you did not here is the link:

SPOT ON would be an understatement.

He notes that everywhere he went there was NOISE, even in church. In church he notes even “thoughtful” pauses are all but extinct and all awkward silence must be filled. Then he hits it out of the park with this statement ” A constant state of distraction is the best defense against transformational attention.” WHOA!  The American Church!   AND when I say the American Church I mean YOU & ME- not a building, not a managerial team, not a senior pastor, not the elders- YOU & ME!!!

All of the above are just pragmatically giving YOU & ME what they perceive we want NOISE AND EXCITEMENT and THE NEXT BIG THING!  Miguel then offers the supposition (perhaps) most people do not want to listen to their own consciences, or to that every loving, gentle, and beckoning voice of God.

Then Miguel ask a couple questions:

1. If Jesus sheep hear His voice, then why are so many of them not?

2. What would you suggest are some good noise cancelling devices?

I find it beyond interesting to prophetic that this guy has be on mission in another country for some time and comes back and is taken by the NOISE level in every environment he experiences.

So church more and more I see us at the crossroads in the midst of a culture that is not merely broken but broken to the point that the pieces of the brokenness are crumbling. Do you want NOISE or do you want JESUS in your communities of faith. Do you want to be entertained or do you want direction and guidance for life through obedience.  I need to say here if you choose the entertainment you are not living in sin and bound for hell but you ARE missing the voice of God through great distraction and when you miss God you are truly nothing. Harsh? Just paraphrasing  a verse that is RED in my Bible. John 15:5 “Apart from me you can do nothing.”

That is why The Holy Spirit has put in me a fire to help birth and plant churches without NOISE. Interested? How can you not be? Churches full of life and power through anointed worship, fresh stories from our walk with Jesus in  Word and Spirit, intercessory prayer and outreach to the marginalized.

This starts with YOU & ME period! Talking and networking then meeting and multiplying.   Meeting anywhere and everywhere. Communities of 20-30 people multiplying not adding. What a revival and revolution for Christ.  A force of NOISE cancelling devices- The Contemplative Church.

If you live in the Phoenix, Atlanta or Chicago area we have resourceful people who can encourage you and resource you programmatically-  you need very little money if any.

It all starts here:




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