Pastors and leaders:

Remember the Eggs?  You know back in the 80’s this guy took two eggs and put them in a skillet and said this is your brain, then he took the skillet with the eggs and put them on a hot fire and they sizzled away as he comments this is your brain on drugs.

Ever thought about your soul without rest, without a routine time of solitude, silence and meditative prayer. No different.  Without the necessary contemplative spirituality in ones life the eggs in the skillet are your soul and once deprived of rest your soul gets fried and ruined and you’re no good to anybody. Jesus said that you know!!  That without Him and a deep abiding relationship you are no good to anybody it is in John 15: 5 look it up right now!!  Ever taken that to heart?  So that “no good to anybody” results in those sobering stats I shared with you last month. The link is here if you forgot. Big numbers on adultery, divorce, job dissatisfaction, lack of reading the Word, lack of  your church having a program to make disciples in your ranks.  That’s being no good to anybody and its because your soul is on fire due to a lack of abiding and tons of performance driven by your needs and ego instead of THE HOLY SPIRIT.

Harsh? Yes because we care!  If we stood on the sideline and just watched one pastor after another crash and burn and did nothing then we should be harshly criticized but WE ARE NOT. We want to get into your loop and pull you out into the arms of  the Holy Spirit and let Him take you to JESUS to restore you, to refresh you,  to realign your call.

You are second in command of your church and if you are not fresh and hearing well your efforts are in the long term for naught. Look at how often Jesus talked to the Father as He carried out His assignment from heaven. He did NOTHING without checking in. I would wager you do nothing to very little from checking in. I have been apart of dozens of churches in my six decades on this Earth. I have heard pastor after pastor give lip service to checking in for the decisions made in a church but knew full well the decision was based on wanting to please the flock and keep his call more than not and finally this could not be sustained and either the pastor moved on or the people moved out, time after time.

It’s time to come out of shadows and become emotionally and spiritually healthy. Let us show you how to hear the Holy Spirit through a contemplative life and watch your people grow with you.

Let’s schedule a day of prayer!! What are you waiting for?  Contact us: and let’s get going on getting your soul the care it needs.


Looking forward to connecting with you!!






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