Let’s take another look on making the church relevant today. I received some great comments that I totally agree with. All basically putting forth the idea that relevance is in the eye of the beholder. I get that. So let me say if your church is one of the churches I mentioned last time i.e. worship driven pulpit driven, etc. that’s very good.

I purposefully did not really drill down on what I see as a relevant church in that first blog so as to get some good discussion going. So let me do that now.

A relevant church in this day for these times must equip their people by fully understanding the importance of teaching their people to obey everything Jesus commanded then providing them the HOW to live a Christ like and Christ Centered life.

Once equipped the relevant church must foster the importance of loving God with all their heart, mind,  soul and strength  and loving their neighbor as themselves. They must value the importance of scattering.

What does scattering look like today. Loving your neighbor as yourself. Nothing can be more evident of obeying Jesus commands and living a Christ like centered life than caring for your neighbor.

Two years ago I moved from an Atlanta suburb to a Nashville suburb. In Georgia I never really knew or did anything with my neighbors. All my social life and ministry revolved around the church I attended. In Tennessee it could not be more opposite. We have gone for two years and still have not found a church home for a variety of reasons but I am involved in dynamic Spirit led ministry everyday because God has told me to scatter.

I had just closed out all my responsibility to the ministry for men I led in Georgia and was living in Tennessee for about eight months when the Lord asked me if I was going to continue the call He put in my life to minister to men some thirty years ago. I was a bit irritated because He knew the struggles my wife and I were having finding a church home and here He was saying get busy. Get busy where?  He quickly made it clear that I was to get busy right where He had put me to live. I asked no questions, I know better after all these years and began sowing seeds in the garden of my development.

Now just a year later the neighborhood has a weekly Men’s fellowship study, a quarterly Men’s Breakfast and soon a couples ministry.  In addition we are involved socially on some level with over half of the residents. To be clear we are gathering but our life and ministry is flourishing from scattering.

Recently I have come across a terrific book that is reinforcing everything God is currently doing in my life, The Neighboring Church by Rusaw and Mavis. It is well worth the stimulation to your spirit that it will give.

In a few days we will continue to talk about how a church becomes relevant through scattering and fulfilling the great commandment that Jesus gave us in Matthew 22:37-39.






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