I want to give you a quick follow up thought on the “god” of  our age video from Matthew 6:19-24 and I could not think of a better time than now.

The remedy for our constant seeking and desire for money and stuff is in the heart of Jesus words in Matthew 6:33 SEEK FIRST THE KINGDOM- and my paraphrase- all the other stuff you NEED , not WANT, will follow.

Again SEEK FIRST THE KINGDOM. Remember the KINGDOM is the effective range of God’s WILL.  Like: Thy Kingdom come, thy WILL be done.  OK…

So how does that work. Everyday I pray Father may I walk in your WILL and HEAR YOU WELL!  Without hearing HIM well we have no clue for what HIS WILL or DIRECTION is for our life THIS DAY, THIS MOMENT and we more than not miss the abundance, the detours, etc HE may be showing us. Now you may say through HIS Word we have knowledge of HIS will. That is true but what we get through HIS Word is a a general macro plan of OBEDIENCE which we MUST follow to be able to get the MICRO SPECIFICS for our life right now. Behaviors like being in the WORD radically, being in PRAYER constantly.

Actively HEARING GOD is the single most absent pursuit among those who say they are believers today. We are not taught how and many do not therefore know how to hear GOD.  We need to have an active attentive connection to HIS voice every waking minute like a heartbeat that if stopped would be our undoing. We don’t realize we miss so much everyday that contributes to our undoing because we did not hear GOD! The result is a life lived in duplicity and mediocrity. On the contrary though many believers will tell you that they make sure they listen routinely to the voices of the culture today to a near idolatrous state.  Now don’t get me wrong here my calling this out is only to show how this activity leads to a duplicitous and confused life for a believer. Furthermore it also leads to our bottom line of this part of the SERMON ON THE MOUNT seeking after the perks and goodies of this age.

Friend, God will always give you want you NEED  if you SEEK HIM.  Look at Psalm 37:4 and Matthew 22:37-39, John 10:10. This is HIS plan. HE is THE MASTER you are HIS APPRENTICE. He wants you to show up everyday and work with HIM for REAL LIFE! Engage with HIM through STUDY, MEDITATION, PRAYER, WORSHIP, SILENCE so you can HEAR HIM. That is what is involved, that is the HOW of SEEKING HIM AND HIS WILL.  I implore you to turn off the voices of the culture and ENGAGE the FATHER, THE SON and THE HOLY SPIRIT!

When you do SEEK FIRST THE KINGDOM  life becomes full of concerns for others, a life filled with radical love for others, relationships that are authentic with people who you become fully present with, a fresh renewed sense of God’s PRESENCE in your life and as we will deal with in a few days a life not free of TROUBLE but FREE of WORRY.

Forsake the voices of this age and tell HIM you want to be HIS APPRENTICE, that you will begin to show up at HIS shop ad learn from HIM and ONLY HIM the rest of your life.

I will stand with you in prayer in this regard my friend as it is the only way forward for REAL LIFE!









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