Spiritual Formation: The Next Reformation?

I recently read where Larry Crabb stated that he believes Spiritual Formation to Christlikeness is the next Reformation.

If only that would come true, what life it would give to “The Church.”

The ramifications of such are mind boggling.

Can you imagine?

One thought on “Spiritual Formation: The Next Reformation?

  • August 3, 2009 at 8:08 pm

    Just like what we’ve been hearing at Renovare Conferences with the help from Dallas Willard and Richard Foster, John Ortberg, and now Larry Crabb. There needs to be a “rediscovery” of the doctrine of the trinity and HOW the Trinitarian community of God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit is at its core entirely RELATIONAL. Larry Crabb states that he “discovered the transforming power that is released when people learn to enter the kind of community that God enjoys in the trinity.”

    God’s intention is that the church here and NOW reflect this Trinitarian reality. This makes the attraction to God very real for even unbelievers by our lives and God’s love shining through us as we live in loving community. The body of Christ becomes vibrant and alive! The church is intended to become a community of God’s people where the deepest healing takes place. We are already “in process” of the ultimate enjoyment of a close relationship with the Trinity for eternity. Our journey is spiritually assisted every step along the way when we intentionally “follow Jesus”– the author and finisher of our faith! This is unspeakable JOY!

    This is the process of “sanctification”– a joint enterprise between the believer and the Trinity. “If the church is going to experience a SECOND REFORMATION, this one dealing with sanctification, as the first dealt with justification, then we’ll need to recover the doctrine of the trinity and understand its implications for human community NOW!”
    We can hope and pray, And IMAGINE,that a Second reformation is near. We can do our part! I am convinced that this is encapsulated in scripture by Matthew 22:37-39. And also, Love one another deeply as Christ loves the church (Paraphrase see John 15:17 I Peter 4:8,among many others)


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