“The Christian should be an alleluia from head to foot.”- St. Augustine of Hippo

What I take away from that truth is our “alleluia’s” should be our very embodiment.
In other words pervasive in our thoughts, feelings, choices, the way we speak and act and the way we relate with our neighbor. Celebration is not a “mood” it is our very soul.

But the sad truth is Celebratory joy is absent in contemporary society due to apathy and melancholy as we are pressed on all sides to engage in work at whatever cost and be cautious in all of life. Of course we MUST work but even that can be entered into with a celebratory spirit.

Celebratory joy should be the posture we bring to our engagement in all the spiritual practices or they will become dull and death producing in our spirit, reminiscent of what Jesus warned “woefully” about in all of Matthew 23.

The only means to a life embodied in a celebratory spirit is to ground your faith in the Trinity with first hand KNOWLEDGE of the Trinity in your life through a constant, intimate apprenticeship with the Master Jesus.

Now I have been told recently that what is discussed on these pages is deep and dealt with in a very thorough way. Of course that is not the case. There is so much more to say on any given topic dealing with the contemplative life and many many others could go deeper. BUT… I will oblige those who differ and stop here to give you a chance to continue the discussion of CELEBRATION.

The rest of the space is all yours. In closing let me give you something to maybe help get us talking.

Question: When and what were the circumstances when you last felt and engaged in unbridled CELEBRATION?

Question: What stifles unbridled CELEBRATION in your life?

Now PLEASE if you have just read this DON’T BOUNCE OUT, CLICK COMMENT and HELP US, ALL OF US be more CELEBRATORY in our life!!!!!




  • April 14, 2010 at 2:13 pm

    When I think of celebration, what always comes to my mind is Nehemiah 12:27-43. After the wall of Jerusalem was rebuilt the people rejoiced all day because “God had given them great joy”. I find that type of joy when I gather, usually in church, with other believers in prayer and song praising God for who He is. I think these times would be my most unbridled times, in that the outside world takes a back seat. Outside of church, I think my celebration and joy for God is how I live my life daily. Do I reflect a life that is pleasing to God and continue to grow, as Paul states in Philippians 1:9-10, “in knowledge and dept of insight, so that you may be able to discern what is best and may be pure…”.


  • April 21, 2010 at 12:31 pm

    A life of celebration is a state of mind. It is not about events or what happens to us. It is about knowing who we are. I have a choice each morning; I can wake up and start focusing on what is going to be happening in my life as the day progresses (busyness), or I can wake up and start focusing on who I am (foundational).

    I am a son of the God Most High …. the Creator of the Universe ….the Omnipotent One, who loved me enough to make me a royal prince, a joint heir with Christ. My future is secure.

    I don’t have to fear the world. I don’t have to be weighed down by guilt. I don’t have to feel incapable. I don’t have to feel unlovable.

    I can freely give of myself without feeling used up. I can forgive without feeling betrayed. I can rejoice or grieve with others at their point of need and share God’s grace.

    What’s not to celebrate!


  • April 21, 2010 at 3:12 pm


    Truly that is Celebration driven by an inside life of apprenticeship to Christ.

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