I was thinking the other day about all the distractions society provides us to help us not engage our Master and Teacher, Jesus Christ.

They really do a superb job. Part of the distraction is our constant demand for the next big thing. This feeds our constant discontent for what we do not have and keeps us ungrateful for what we have.  I am as guilty as the next guy as long as I engage the process.

Technology, clothing, vacation spots, church strategies, home design, restaurants, just to name a few are the big players in the next big thing strategy.

If you must have a tv why is not a tv that will allow you to view your program not good enough. Why does it have to be smart? Why is a phone that allows you to make and receive calls not good enough. Why does it have to be smart? Why are clothes that cover your body comfortably not good enough?  Why do they have to be the latest fashion? If church is your thing why is not the corner church with a few hundred people and a teacher who handles the Bible with accuracy not good enough? Why do we need the jazziest music, the largest buildings, the highest profile teachers? Why is not a home that gives your family a comfortable place to live and sleep not good enough why do homes need 4 to 6  thousand sq footage etc. for a family of three to four? Why is not a night out for dinner at a little cozy home cooking place not good enough? Why do we need the gourmet chefs and the ambience and the high priced check at the end of the meal? Because we grow discontent with what we have time and time again.  Seeking out the next best thing steals our gratitude and the realization that we already have the best thing and the next best thing already-Jesus Christ.

Let me prove this to you skeptic.

Hebrews 13:8 says ” Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever.”

Now you will never know this if you continue to seek after the next big thing. I wrote about this earlier but it bears repeating. The” next best thing” delusion that society provides for us goes to the heart of what Jesus told the Samaritan women in John 4 in regards to the water she was drawing at the well and the water He provides. He told her in verses 13-14 “Everyone who drinks this water will be thirsty again, but whoever drinks the water I give [him}will never thirst. Indeed the water I give {him} will become {in him} a spring of water welling up to eternal life.” 

Now look, the reason society must keep us seeking the next best thing is because all the joy of the current things goes flat, it runs out, it needs to be replenished. 1.0 gets old so presto here comes 2.0. 2.0 gets old so we seek out 3.0 and so it goes. Color TV gets old so we need HD, HD alone gets old so we need a smart internet connected HD TV, Pastor Smith gets old so we seek out church excitement and entertainment with masses of people,

But with Jesus He never gets old, absolutely never. You know why? Because when we abide and relate to Him for all our needs and directions He settles the discontent in our souls because He created them and knows exactly what we need to be content in life and in Him. He knows how to provide for us the next big thing because He embodies the next big thing yesterday, today and forever.

All we have to do is to seek. Standing in a long line at Best Buy at 9:45 am in the morning is not necessary, getting to your mega church early for parking is not necessary, making at reservation at the latest fashionable restaurant so you can get in is not necessary. Just call on Him whenever and wherever and He is with you, no lines, no appointments. Sounds so sappy, ya think? Why don’t you give it a try. I promise the things of this world will growly very dim as you become to nurture your relationship with Jesus and realize you could of had the next big thing years ago.You know what will also happen? You gratitude will increase not to say anything about all the money you will save.

You see there is really no next big thing apart from Jesus. It is all an illusion that confuses and deludes us in thinking we have it all and we are happy happy when we are truly miserable apart from Christ.

Again how do you abide? We abide mainly through prayer and study. Talk to Jesus and read the Bible everyday asking God for the next big thing in terms of guidance for your life that He already knows you need. Be still for periods of time and listen to His Word speak to you. I say this not to get you to do something but because it is truly the way we hear from God and satisfy our greatest need.

I know you are ready for the NEXT BIG THING so sit down and seek Him through prayer and study. No lines, no reservations, no appointments needed.

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