• December 29, 2011 at 8:40 am

    Jesus tells us not to worry and the Apostle Paul commands Christians “do not be anxious about anything”–but at times in our lives we all worry anyway. It’s part and parcel of our falleness. An acknowledgment that bad and terrible things can and sometimes do happen to us– at least temporarily while in this life.
    I should know since I unexpectedly was told by doctors that I would suffer a heart attack any minute without triple by pass surgery– which by the way was successful–so far (notice the natural hesitation here). I should know since our youngest daughter was unexpectedly “murdered” last fall. It’s a little too much to expect that we shouldn’t worry about her eternal state– whether Ade is in heaven or hell–isn’t it?

    So being without angst is a rather tall order and a seemingly impossible task isn’t it? Unless JESUS is holding my hand and walking me thru all of these nasty unexpected turns in life. The rubber meets the road here for all of us in this life. We can sink or we can swim–and CHRIST teaches us marvelous and glorious things in the process.

    Yes, we will be reunited with loved ones very soon, and yes eternal purposes are being played out today! My take away– which I missed for much of my Christian life– is that God loves us much more than we could ever imagine–so don’t worry. God has our back!


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