The Role of the Spiritual Disciplines

Here at Renovator Ministries we feel it is critical for us to take  another look at the fuel the Holy Spirit uses in our life for transformation- Spiritual Disciplines.  It begins with my sincere lament that I wish I had a penny for every person that has told me how they wanted to BE more like Christ but then did not follow through. Distraction was never minimized to the degree necessary to engage the Master.

Having a rule for life that consistently involves the use of spiritual practices in our life is not an add-on to being a Christian. It is the life of a Christian. It was the life of Jesus as He walked this Earth. To such an extent that if we would cut out all the places in the New Testament where we saw Jesus engaged in a discipline we would lose a good quarter of the text.

So why as the church are so few us engaged in living a Christian life? Again may I say church leaders its time to become radically intentional with your sheep. Teach on the disciplines then provide opportunities for engagement, offer encouragement for their movement towards the Biblical Christian life. One necessary step is to conduct worship services that consist of disciplines they can engage in during the service  Again if you as leader have very little experience with spiritual disciplines this will be very difficult for you to do. So your first step is to slow down and hook up with Jesus through the way He showed us in the Scriptures. If we can be a resource for you in this endeavor please let us know.

I could go on for pages on the mandatory and Biblical aspects of radically embracing the Trinity through the spiritual disciplines to have a normal Christian life but I think by talking with you through the practical applications will be most beneficial.

Why the zeal for us to live the normal Christian life? So we can boast about our maturity? NO! We as the church need to move towards the life Christ showed us because we need to re position ourselves to move with Him and only with Him and we need to restore the reputation of Christ to the culture. These critical needs in our world can only be accomplished as Christ showed us by being humble, by being intentional about our inner transformation, aware and receptive to the constant Trinitarian presence and obedient to Christ.



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