TOOLS FOR YOUR SOUL. Prayer: the language of the street.

The second tool for your soul to be used in conjunction with the Bible is prayer. Eugene Peterson calls prayer the language of the street. Now that’s pretty encompassing and far from religious I would say. Moreover it’s dead on truth. It is the only way we have to communicate with the Master.

Communication is everything and when it involves the Master Jesus it is essential to a healthy soul and our reservoirs being full of love.

Let’s look at communication in general. No direction, guidance, ideas, concerns, desires, understandings, warnings, knowledge, move from one human to another human outside of expressing and receiving language.

Now all of our cultural influencers and teachers have a good handle on that and use it to the max. But most of what they communicate is financially and emotionally  costly.  In fact very little they communicate is free. Being that it is not free it cannot be long lasting or totally effective if they are going to continue to profit. They must make you come back for more of their problem solving wisdom. So the self-help magazines fill our mail boxes, their books fill our fedex trucks, their potions fill our stores, resulting in our maxed out credit cards.

This is why it is critical that all humanity cease resisting the Master Jesus with all the cultural cop outs of organized religion. The result of this resistance is the cause for every societal dysfunction we see today. There is no answer for the depravity of our soul then allowing Jesus to be your influencer, Teacher and Master through Prayer and Study of the Bible.

Three kinds of people make up humanity. Those who want nothing of Jesus as Master due to religion or belief He is a fraud, those who say they follow Jesus but will not allow Him to be their Master and those who are dependent on Jesus as their Master for all of life. Sadly the latter make up a very small minority in the world today.

If the minority were the majority life on this planet would be as Jesus so intended it to be. So I just put forth a truth that many skeptics will jump on so let me explain. I hear the cynic saying “If Jesus is God and the Master why does He not just make the World free of anything that takes away from a life of abundance full of love, joy and peace?”

Because He is not a dictator He is full of love, joy and peace and to make anyone conform to what He wants you to willingly embrace would be tyrannical. The tyrants are the other influencers not Jesus.

So cynic why not try the language of the street today. What you would hear if you would begin to listen is totally free and never ending. What you would say would be heard and responded too in authentic love and care for your well being. The cry of our hears our overwhelmingly full of duplicity, pain, sadness, anger, confusion, hopelessness, and all to often depravity. Jesus is the healer of your soul and the mess that needs to be dealt with. None of the societies influencers have the answer to the deepest cry of your heart and soul. If so you would have been healed long ago. Society would see a difference.

How do you start engaging in your street language? By believing the Master Jesus is listening, is speaking and has an answer for you. Take time everyday to cry out to Jesus then learn to listen to His gentle counsel in your life. His Spirit WILL speak to your spirit. There is nothing more you have to do but believe, trust and obey in Jesus as your Master, Teacher and Lord right there on your street. With Jesus its NEVER complicated. Society needs you to be a person full of Love, Joy and Peace. Society needs you to put off the anger, lust, greed, rage, malice, slander, lies and filthy language from your lips.

You are doing nothing religious when you cry out to Jesus. You are simply engaging in the behavior you were created for, to be in communication with your Creator, allowing Him to help you move forward everyday as He intends, a person who spreads Love and Joy from an internal life of Peace.



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