In this next section I will expand on two of the most necessary tools for our soul, leading to a life of abundance as described in the Bible.

The first tool is understanding the role of the Bible in everyone’s life. To do so I will walk us through the longest chapter of praise in the the book of worship entitled Psalms at the 119th Psalm.

Verses 5 and 6 of 119 reads “Oh,that my ways were steadfast in obeying your decrees! Then I would not be put to shame when I consider all your direction..”

Though this book was initially read by priests in the temple it is for everyman. Even centuries ago the Word was for everyone, The problem was that too many got hoodwinked thinking it was a religious tool so they ignored it, when in fact from day one God gave mankind this book as a tool for their soul. Now another thoughts needs to be considered here, your soul is not a religious item either, In other words if you are atheists or agnostic you are not exempt from having a soul. If you exists you have a soul. Your soul is your very being. It takes everything in that passes through your mind, heart, body and relationships. No one is exempt. So as we said earlier if such stuff as anger, greed, malice, envy, lust, lying, filthy language, slander, etc is constantly barraging against your soul, your soul is heavy laden in a duplicitous and ruined existence. I see that everywhere I go. For instance recently I stopped off at the 19th hole after a miserable round, I went up to the bar and ordered a cold one. While I was waiting I attempted to have a conversation with the guys sitting at the bar in the clubhouse. It quickly turned shallow and belittling towards me on just some basic information on where I lived, etc. Clearly inappropriate for they did not know me but felt a need to power up. A clear indication of soul ruin from soul influences based not on the Master’s teachings. I see this everywhere. Defaulting to assault  and withdrawal in lieu of  fearing authenticity due to the lack of knowing the Master and His wonderful refuge and hiding place in the face of our fragility.

I have no fear to be transparent and authentic with any man because my Master is my refuge, my fortress and my strength. If some figure from the past or present culture was my Master I would be totally exposed at all time. I would need to hide behind assault and withdrawal in ALL my relationships.

That is why Jesus is the Master and Teacher for all mankind. When you allow Him to have this rightful place in your life you know such love and assurance that is impossible to have with any other Master or Teacher because everyone of them is a poser full of assault and withdrawal in their relationships as well.

When you begin to read about the Master in the Word you quickly see no man ever spoke with the love and authority He spoke with. You are compelled to let Him lead you for all of life. That is why the writer of the Psalm above writes as he does. He has discovered the Master,He is now aware of his past ways and  wishes to follow the Master for life abundant. He now knows verses 1 and 2 of Psalm 119- “Blessed are they whose ways are blameless, who walk according to the Word of the Lord.”

Again you who are not churched or believe anything religious these words are for you. Get the religious chip off your back and open up a Bible as a book that the Master Jesus has given everyone for an abundant life full of love, joy and peace regardless of what is or has come your way. Remember Jesus and His Word belongs to YOU! It is not the property of any other institution or entity on the face of the Earth.

A great start to understanding the love, power and authority of Jesus is to read the Book entitled John. I challenge you who have avoided peeking in at the source of real life to get a Bible and read this book from chapters 1 to 21. There is nothing religious anywhere in these chapters. It is all about why Jesus is the only Master and Teacher who can change your world. If anyone believes changing their world is a religious experience then maybe religion is more than advertised, even more than Jesus. Thank Goodness it is not. Let’s get reading!






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