Everybody has a story. I have written about several of my stories in this blog. Not all stories are compelling. Compelling stories seem to be about loss and restoration, loss and redemption or enduring dire circumstances that end well. I would suggest that none of the positive compelling aspects of a story are possible without our Master Jesus as the source of our transformation. I can say this as my experience with my dire straits and loss could not have been transformed without Jesus. If you say your experience of restoration and a good ending had nothing to do with Jesus I urge you to take another look as I believe either you have missed His hand in the situation or you are in denial that all is well again.

So what is your story?

Sexual abuse by a parent or a relationship? Loss of a parent at a young age? Loss of a sibling at a young age? Poor financial choices leading to bankruptcy or homelessness? Drug addiction? Battling a terminal disease?  Emotional illness that leads to anorexia? Mental impairment? Visual or hearing impairment? Cerebral Palsy? Loss of a limb? Divorce? Conflicted over your sexual identity? Loss of a career aspiration? Obesity? Bouts of uncontrollable explosive anger leading to verbal and physical abuse of another? Alcoholism?  Atheism?

If I missed yours you know what it is so here is the central question as we move forward: How has your story ended? Has it ended for good or not at all.. If you believe for good why do you believe so? If you believe you are still in the midst of it hang on help is on the way?

Now let’s revisit my central story for a second, pot addiction and my deliverance from it some thirty years ago. If my story was that I went away for 12 weeks to rehab came out lapsed went back for 12 weeks and got finally fixed after nearly six months of being put away versus I after sixteen years of addiction asked Jesus to deliver me from pot and He did instantly which story is more compelling to you?  Think about needing to be put away for six months to stop smoking versus one minute, one prayer, one ask in faith to be delivered from pot and instantly the desire to smoke pot is gone. Nothing is compelling about losing your free will to stop pot but keeping your free will and stopping pot through the power of Jesus love and grace is intensely compelling!

Skeptic this is how you should consider Jesus not as some religious figure who is full of don’ts but an all powerful Master who loves you and wants to deliver you from all the societal woes listed above as possible stories. Now you say how is He going to deliver you from Cerebral Palsy? Well I have a story for you. Years ago one of my clients was named Kenny, Kenny had CP with no use of any limbs and very little understandable speech. Kenny was a computer programmer with the aid of assistive technology. So cynic I hear you: Where was Kenny’s redemption and resolution?  Kenny knew he would never be healed in this life. Kenny gave his life to Christ as a young man. Kenny was FULL of love, joy and peace. The Lord gave Kenny a wife who adored him. Kenny knew his situation was temporary. He laughed often and never had a bad day as you would expect. Kenny lived an abundant life fully redeemed in Christ waiting to be restored eternally. Now that is compelling!! I never go a month without thinking about Kenny and how he has inspired me to be grateful for all I have and to see the power of Jesus in His life. Jesus delivered Kenny from despair and gave him joy to live each day.

So some of you are going to be like Kenny, not able to realize total healing and restoration on this side but by walking with Christ now, depending on Him for everything in life, everyday you can have NOW what ultimately He said He came to give LIFE ABUNDANTLY. You can in your situations of  sensory and mental impairments have the Love, Joly and Peace that the Master Jesus gives us through abiding in Him.

For those of you who are broken, depressed, traumatized, addicted look at these powerful lyrics from Mylon LeFevre:


Many years on the road
Many more miles to go
We can not waste another single day
The night are hard and long
But He has made us strong enough
To take His love and give it all away
And i know — He said to go

Cause there’s a war that’s going on,
A soul is raging
A battle weary warrior is praying
And you must understand what the song is saying
Come on home to the Father
Come on home to the Son
Come on home the battle’s over,
Christ has won

Tonight could be the night
That you could see the light
And you could trade your worst in for His best
And he could take your sin
And cast it in the wind
As far as from the east unto the west
And i know it’s time to go cause

Cause there’s a war that’s going on,
A soul is raging
A battle weary warrior is praying
And you must understand what the song is saying
Come on home to the Father
Come on home to the Son
Come on home the battle’s over,
Christ has won

O come home to the Father,
Oh come on home
Oh i want to hear Him say
Welcome home my children …
Little children … lonely people
All you people … Jesus is waiting
Brothers and sisters
War is over
Well done good and faithful servant
Enter now into the joy of the Lord

Your soul is raging, you are battle weary COME HOME TODAY!

Let Him trade your worst for HIS best, let Him take your sin, your situation and cast it in the wind.



When I was in the midst of addiction these lyrics slowly moved me to cry out to Jesus for deliverance. I pray TODAY you stop the excuses that keep you from letting Jesus work in your life.

Everybody has a story.

What is your story? Does it involve Jesus or does it just keep going on full of brokenness,depression and addiction?

Your WAR could be over today, let Christ battle for you!

Cry out to Jesus!



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