OK! I can almost hear you all out there saying is this guy nuts? He says I can deal with my anger by being in God’s Kingdom. Nice words but how does that really work, how does that help me?

The principle is simple, really very simple! The doing is another thing!

If you are an individual who takes the name of Christ, believes He died for your sins and He is God’s son and you simply do no more than warm a pew every Sunday consuming religious goods and services supplied by the clergy all is good for you BUT you will have to assume room temperature- LIKE DIE!   AND continue to exhibit an issue with anger if you are one so inclined.

But if you are one who in addition to believing the claims of Christ lives in His Kingdom, in His presence and power all is VERY GOOD for you NOW, while having a temperature of at least 98.4 or 6- LIKE ALIVE!


The best way to explain it is once again presenting to you the MASTER/APPRENTICE MODEL.

So you have Dave he is a MASTER PLUMBER. You have caught the VISION that you could most likely be financially productive if you trained to be a MASTER PLUMBER. So you enlist Dave to take you on as his APPRENTICE to gain a LIKENESS in Dave’s plumbing skills. He agrees. You show up once a week and watch Dave and your skills as a plumber never get to a place where you have sufficient MASTER DAVE LIKENESS. You grow stagnant and mediocre in your plumbing abilities because your INTENT has diminished and you are not pursuing the MEANS for change. Meanwhile Dave has a second APPRENTICE Luke. Luke is like white on rice with Dave and as such is at a decent pace taking  on Dave’s MASTER PLUMBER LIKENESS. He has caught the VISION has INTENT and pursues the MEANS for change.

Now let’s substitute the TRINITARIAN PRESENCE OF GOD for Dave and you  remain YOU with an anger issue. You hear on Sunday’s don’t be angry just do it, pray.  So occasionally you PRAY about your anger which is for our example showing up with the MASTER. You see no change and you say this is not working- REALLY? But Mark who had an anger problem who is your friend tells you that EVERYDAY he brings up a scripture verse he has memorized and meditates with it as he listens to the prompting of the Holy Spirit, he constantly breathes prayers in regard to anger producing situations, he steals away for several minutes each day in quiet and listens to guidance and correction from the MASTER, he has learned to embrace anger producing situations in submission and humility in the power and the presence of Christ and he has a brother who is also an APPRENTICE who he regularly obtains spiritual direction from in regard to his anger. Mark reports to you that his anger issues are more and more taking on the LIKENESS of his MASTER. Mark is white on rice with the MASTER. And by the way Mark works 40 hours a week and does not live in a monastery. He is just like YOU, except you’re still angry.

I cannot lay this out any more straightforward than this. What you just read is GOLD. Not because I wrote it but because it is BIBLICAL TRUTH(John 10:10, John 15:5-8, Matthew 11:28-30, 2Peter1:3,Col 3:1-17, Gal. 5:22-23)  and is GOLD because it is so scare so rarely heard from a pulpit or read in a book.

Now here is the question for YOU: Are you willing to go WHITE ON RICE with the MASTER? You cannot rid yourself of anger any other way. In fact YOU CANNOT RID YOURSELF OF ANGER PERIOD.

If you wish to talk more confidential in regard to this issue feel free to call the number on the web site or FB fan page or email me.  Otherwise feel free to comment on what you have read here.

AGAIN: ARE YOU READY to go WHITE ON RICE with the MASTER. I am praying for you!




2 thoughts on “WHITE ON RICE.

  • March 11, 2011 at 6:27 pm

    GREAT Stuff George! Hit the nail on the head. There is no time for Fast Food Christianity.

  • April 1, 2011 at 2:14 pm

    When you make communicating with Christ a priority each day you are sewing an action…

    When you regularly sew an action you reap a habit….

    When you sew a habit you reap a character…..

    When you sew a character you reap a destiny.

    We need to ask ourselves what destiny we are headed toward.


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